Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 7 - A Picture of Your Most Treasured Item

Much like with the favorite memory post, I don't have a "most treasured item". I become a little bit of a hoarder sometimes because I tend to keep things that have even the tiniest amount of sentimental value. I treasure a lot of things. But this is what I chose (blurry because I have no idea how to focus the camera on something that small):

It's my Mom's wedding ring. And, no, I don't typically wear it on my left hand. I had to do that for picture taking purposes (I can't do that left-handed). Actually, I don't wear it at all yet. Mom never took off her wedding band so it had to be cut off for a procedure she was having. She had my Dad do it was some kind of metal cutters because she didn't want the people at the hospital to do it. So I've got to find somewhere to get it fixed so I can wear it. My Mom never liked flashy jewellery so it's a simple silver band with a little bit of engraved detail. She always used to tell me that my engagement ring and wedding band are pretty but "too much". However, a few years back when I was having my wisdom teeth removed I had to be sedated. I read all the stuff you have to sign and it said there was a possibility, very small but still, that you could die. So of course I freaked out a little. I started asking people what of my stuff they'd want if I happened to die from complications of wisdom tooth extraction. Mom's reaction? "Oh Tara! Don't say things like that. You're being silly. I want your diamonds."


  1. not to be callous, but how in the world does that fit on your finger!?? LOL...member how long and thin Aunt Sharon's fingers were? I'll never forget her impression of Grant floating around in your belly. They were like mini telephone polls! And yours...well....aren't. LOL
    (ps...i get that it fits bc it was cut and now has some missing, but I couldn't miss the opportunity to make fun of your fingers and remember your moms) Now if you'll only grow a coke nail like she had! !LOL...wth was that about!?
    your pal, Pokey Mcfunnicus

  2. I love it! Such a nice thing to have in the family!


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