Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kids Get All the Fun Stuff

Grant has outgrown his hooded towels. I still use them but they don't cover him like they used to. I've been on the hunt for some bigger ones - or, hey, could I not just use our towels? - but it's been a half-hearted hunt at best. Anyway, I recently came across this towel at Target. Seriously, how much fun is that? They need to make stuff like this in adult sizes (because this one barely fit on my head...I tried).

I'm not too grown up to admit that I'm jealous of that.

Crawling around on the floor with the towel on didn't work out
so well. But I thought this offered a good view of the hood :)
There were four designs that I saw. My second choice was a crab (with little pinchers hanging off the hood of the towel) and I may still get that one too. They're so cute!

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