Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 13 - A Picture of Your Favorite Band or Artist

I have no doubt that I will get picked on for this one. Nate and Elizabeth love to pick on me for listening to Josh Groban. Elizabeth does it because she thinks he looks like a hobbit. Nate does it because he thinks I'm going to leave him and embark on a life of stalking Josh Groban. But I just really love his music. When I'm tired of every CD in my car and every song on my ipod I can always listen to his music. I like every song on every CD that I have which is pretty rare.


  1. he's awesome. Just amazing. "so she dances' and 'let you down' are my favorites. This man has more vocal talent in the ear wax than 90% of artists on the charts today. I would steal that magic vest of his and go record an album with silky smooth tones and amazingly fast vibrato. Then, I would be one step closer to ruling the world pinky!

    jealous Mcswoonypants


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