Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 19 - A Picture and a Letter

I sort of don't get the picture and a letter thing. Am I supposed to post a picture of someone and write a letter to them? If I'm supposed to post any letter then I totally have one...but it's probably not appropriate (in case you're wondering, it's hate mail from a "family member"). But I'm going to go in a different direction with this one.

How freakin cute is that?

Instead of the letter, I'm going with a poem. And I hope I don't get in trouble for this. I was cleaning out some e-mails and I found an old one from my friend Elizabeth. She wrote me an apology poem back when we worked together. For the life of me I can't remember what she did that warranted such an apology. But judging from the poem she must have made fun of me for something. Which I have become incredibly accustomed to. That could explain why I've only ever received one apology poem. She always says that her life is a musical and she makes up songs a lot. For everything. She says she "has a way with lyrics" and I think this just reinforces that :) I copy and pasted this exactly as it read in the e-mail (by the way, the subject said: really important!!!).

Ode to Regrets
by elizabeth

your attention please, to a poem of regrets
now open your ears and pet down your pets
im sorry i laughed at the cost of your feeling,
if you want me to, I will hang from the ceiling
until you forgive me or my face turns blue
as punishment for what ive done to you.
all I want in this life again is to see you smile
and hang out at the mall and spend a lil while
holding hands on the beach, in the park or the snow
please do not forget you will always be my hoe!

The end

Ha! It makes me smile every time I read it. The "pet down your pets" part makes me chuckle.

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  1. i think it was supposed to be "put down your pets" ??? who knows, i may have written this with my eyes glazed over (husband says i should say from alcohol so no one gets confused) ... thats hysterical!


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