Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eight Months

How time flies! Eight months old and getting so big. It's not fair. Grant is such a little man, it's ridiculous. In the past month he's been eating a lot more and he usually wants more when the bowl is empty. He's eating anything we feed him - even the meats! I had to get just the right mix of a fruit or vegetable, but I can get him to eat the meats now. And we're getting more adventurous with fruit and he's really enjoyed that. Some of the stuff we're kind of limited on. Our pediatrician recommends not introducing any citrus into his diet until he's a year old and that includes strawberries (longer if there is a history of family allergy but thankfully there isn't!). Do you know how much baby food has strawberries in it? We'll be able to get even more creative once he can have that. And he's making some progress, but not much, with the sippy cup. I'm hoping that some new ones I bought recently may help...but so far, I'm not seeing the improvement I hoped for.

Eight months old!
 We know Grant weighs about 17 1/2 pounds due to a recent trip to the doc's office for his first ear infection (and first antibiotic prescription). And while we're on firsts - we have a first tooth! It makes his silly grins even cuter. Grant still spends a lot of time in the baby jail because he's into more and more every day. Nothing is safe...

Especially not my coffee table books. Which he seems to think are his own.

We're also learning what "No" means. This is what I got when I told him "No" to climbing
into the coffee table. That face is hard to be strict with!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have three whole days to spend with my little man! We did so much...well, I did so much. He pretty much had no choice but to participate. We played, he napped, I cooked, we played. On Saturday we went for a walk at some parks near the house and I decided to get out the camera. Not much cooperation from the munchkin. He just wanted to pick the grass...and eat sticks.

Hmmm...I'm gonna eat it. (It was in his mouth two seconds
later, completely unpreventable. Oh well.)
And I took a few more today...he just so damn cute, how can I not? Plus, I love this little romper. It has little crabs all over it and I love orange on him. It's still a bit big because it's 12 months but it's still adorable on him. And those are his first pair of real shoes!

He smiles like this a lot now.
He'd rather pick grass than look at Mama!

Sitting on Daddy's jeep!

Handsome devil :)

Now, my project for the next few months: get started planning Grant's FIRST BIRTHDAY! This year has just been flying by and it's going to be here before I know it. I have a theme in mind but my main problem is finding somewhere to have it. My ideal place is having it at the park where we like to walk. They have big shelters you can rent out with grills and lots of tables. I just love the idea of having a cook out/picnic kind of thing. It's simple. The problem? August is H-O-T. And the party can't be at our house. It's just too small. So I'm taking suggestions...

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  1. Bass Lake....where you guys 'tied the knot' and got all this started. Let me know if I can do anything to assist. Vickie


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