Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My New Friend Scout

One of Grant's Christmas presents from his Grandma was a Leap Frog toy named Scout (I call him Scout the Dog). Scout is an interactive stuffed animal and, more recently, my new best friend. He's pretty cool, you hook him up to the computer and you can program him to say things that your child likes (example: "My favorite food is _____! Is that your favorite too?"). I actually need to update Scout to say that his favorite food is something other than milk - the only thing Grant could have at the time of programming. He plays music and he's very polite which makes me think he will help teach Grant manners someday. Plus, the little voice he has is adorable.

But in the past week I have discovered something else about Scout. He's magic. Yes, I said it. He's magic. His buttons are all in his hands and one of his feet has a night time "scene" on it. When you press it you have a choice of 2 minutes, 5 minutes, or 10 minutes of bedtime music. This past weekend Grant was rolling around in his pack and play looking sleepy but fighting it. I said to myself "Eh, what the hell...we'll give it a shot". I squeezed Scout's little foot twice (for 5 minutes) and he said "Five minutes of bedtime music. Snuggle up!" and I went about my business. I came back a few minutes later (but while the music was still playing) and this is what I found:

Umm...since when did music calm down sleep fighter? And it wasn't a fluke! This has happened more than once! Amazing!

Last night, between a very playful bath and playtime with Daddy I felt that the odds of a full nights sleep were slim. So I did an experiment that I will try again tonight (keep your fingers crossed for me). I put Scout next to the rocker when I gave Grant his night time bottle and I set him for ten minutes of bed time music. Scout said good night to us and we started the bottle. Even I was ready to fall asleep by the time the music was over! And Grant was o-u-t. I had to wake him up to put him in his crib (we're back to that) BUT he...well, I don't want to jinx us...so I'll just say things went well. And even if he doesn't help tonight, I still love Scout.

P.S. Grant likes to wrestle with him. Literally wrestle. It's freaking adorable and I'm hoping to get a picture of it up soon.


  1. lol...please get a pic of the wrestling. Awesome. Love that you are finding all this stuff out so that we can just rip it off when we have kids. LOL...tread on maverick!

    lots of love,
    happy mcgoofypantscrazyface

  2. I am going to have to get this thing! I really like that you can program it to say things....but the magic sleeper...well...I need that too :)


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