Monday, April 25, 2011

New Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

I decided to do a dessert for my second new recipe this month (I'm doing really well sticking to my goal!). I got the recipe from Hollie at Life As A Lofthouse who always posts great looking recipes. I saw her recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie (click on that for the recipe) a while back and I've been trying to find a reason to make it. Let's be honest, I do not need a whole pie sitting around the house. So I made it for Easter! It was apparently a hit because I put the empty pie plate in the kitchen sink this morning to soak (a couple pieces came to work with me for co-workers).


Crimp your pie shell to make it pretty
Foamy eggs and adding the flour

Adding the sugars

I couldn't resist adding a picture of my favorite - and lately less used -
kitchen appliance. I love this mixer!

Adding the butter...mmmm butter
Adding the chips

Ready for the oven!

I drizzled some chocolate syrup for looks

I always forget the whipped cream...

Right before I stuck my fork in it!

  • I used Pillsbury ready made pie crust instead of the frozen one that Hollie used but either one would work. I use the Pillsbury crusts a lot (chicken pot pies, quiche, dessert pie) so I wanted to use what I know.
  • SO easy, anyone can make this pie (and everyone will be impressed!)
  • I need to read directions before starting...I added the whole bag of chips when I only need half. I had to pick out roughly a cup of chips.
  • I did not forget the whipped cream.
Just an FYI, Hollie has a lot of great recipes so check out her blog! I've also made her Lasagna Roll Ups which were great too.

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  1. None left at my house either! It was soooo good.


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