Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 3 - Top Five Names You Wish Were Yours

Ok, so I find this topic weird because I don't have a list of names I wish were mine. Who does? BUT for a while I was not a fan of my name and it has taken me a long time to actually like it. And since I did look through boy and girl names when I was pregnant and picked out some girl names before we found out we were having a boy this is going to be a list of girl names I like, not that I wish were mine.
  1. Sophie - if we (hopefully) have another baby in the future and that baby happens to be a girl, this would be my first choice. For now anyway (because I think it's becoming too popular).
  2. Hannah - pretty and not over used
  3. Grace or Gracie - pretty but semi over used
  4.  Chloe
  5. Madeline
Remember to check out my cousin AJ's version of this challenge at Random musings of a wierdo!

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  1. You've hit a few that we would use for names! Seriously..I love some of them. I think i'll take my blog in a slightly different direction though....mwauh hah ha ha ha!


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