Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 4 - Top Five Favorite Things About the Internet

  1. Photo sharing/Blogging/Facebook. 99% of my family live somewhere else so it's amazing being able to share pictures of Grant and write my little blurbs so everyone can see what he's doing without having to wait months for me to get around to mailing pictures or a card. It really takes me forever. Although, since I can tell Shutterfly to ship directly to other people, I'm less bad at it than I used to be.
  2. E-books! While I'm semi-upset about the lack of lending ability with e-books, I love love love that if I need a new book to read and it's 10:00 at night or smack in the middle of Grant's nap time (and my second cup of coffee) I can pick one out, pay for it, and start reading it in - literally - a minute. As long as I already know what I want.
  3. Information and what-not. There seems to be nothing you can't find on the internet. And I don't think anyone really appreciates it like we should (myself included). There seems to be a lot of complaint about it. Remember in school when we had to go to the library for everything? I don't care how slow something is running - you can do a book report in your underwear without even leaving your couch! Plus, I've found tons of great DIY projects lately thanks to Pinterest and people so willing to share their ideas. Great stuff!
  4. Online Shopping. I've gotten super lazy about shopping in my old age. I used to love it's like homework. There have been times that if it weren't for Amazon, Grant may not have had Christmas, Birthday, or Easter gifts. I'm not sure if it's the actual act of shopping that I'm starting to despise or if it's the people (who seem to have left their manners at home). It may be both. But either way, I love being able to shop from home!
  5. E-mail. I love e-mail. We shoot e-mails around the office all day when we can't talk about something or just to make eachother laugh. Plus, if I'm going to be honest, my friend Elizabeth and I kind of use it like its instant messager. I'd be kinda bored if I didn't have, like, a bajillion e-mails from her to look forward to Monday-Friday. The downside to e-mails is that it makes me actually pick up the phone and call people less.

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