Friday, May 20, 2011

Sister's Visit

As I've said in this post and this post that my sister, Shauna, came to visit and to spend my first Mother's Day with us. Those two posts pretty much summed up the highlights of our visit but there were some pictures I didn't get to post.

The day she came in we did some shopping at The Streets at Southpoint and for lunch we decided to hit The Cheesecake Factory. Grant was sleeping so we thought we could get away with leaving him in the stroller. He woke up right before our entrees came (while we were enjoying some fried macaroni and cheese...yum). So we decided to get him a highchair so he could hang out on our level.
First time in a restaurant high chair and he loved it!

Eating at the Cheesecake Factory
In addition to our museum trip (link above) we took some walks at White Deer Park (thinking about this place as the possible location for Grant's first birthday) and Lake Benson Park. They're connected by a crosswalk so you can do both parks. I love taking Grant there. Lake Benson Park has a small playground at the edge of the park that I like to take Grant to when we go for walks. Shauna liked it too:

We put Grant in the baby swing but he wasn't too happy about
it that day (it was Mother's Day and he wasn't happy about anything that day)
And I finally got to take some nice pictures of Shauna and Grant
While Shauna was here she did some of my house work for me. Grant got really excited and volunteered to help with the dishes.

 And my sister claims that Grant wanted to go home with her:

Oh and let's not forget the duck tub. My sister has been obsessed with the duck tub since she saw it on our registry. She kept threatening to steal it while she was here...

She has no shame.

Overall, we had a good visit and I hope she had a good time. I know she always loves to spend time with Grant and he got rather attached to her too.
Shauna hates this picture of her but I think it's cute...and it's my
blog so I can do what I want :)

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