Monday, May 23, 2011


We've recently had to implement some mandatory retirement at our house. It's funny how some things that we couldn't have gotten through the day without became completely impractical almost over night. When Grant started crawling we could no longer contain him in the bouncy seat or swing that we so depended on. And when he started pulling up on everything the baby gym was no longer safe. And so began our pile of retirement toys.

Grant in his bouncy seat on a few days old (!!!) and sleeping
in his baby gym (there he was probably 2 1/2 - 3 months or so?)

This morning I realized we'll be very shortly adding something else to the retirement list. The baby carrier/car seat. I was adamant that I would use the carrier until Grant hit the 22 pound limit. It's so convenient especially with the way my car is set up and perfect if my munchkin fell asleep before we made it to our destination. I just take the whole thing with me! But those days are coming to an end. This is what he used to look like in his car seat:

I think he was around 4 or 5 weeks old when I took this
(He is wearing his newborn size cute!)
This morning after Husband got him all strapped in, I pushed back the hood on the carrier and it covered his whole forehead. It almost looked like we had to cut a hole in the top for his head like he's the mini version of Lurch. "Crap" I said. "Looks like I'm going to have to give in to the big boy car seat". I have no doubt that Grant will be more comfortable in a larger seat. But I'm very much dreading having to literally get in the back seat of my car to put him in the car seat. Oh my Mom used to say, such is life. However, I am entertaining suggestions. If anyone would like to offer opinions - negative or positive - about what they use, I'm all ears! This is what I'm leaning towards:

It's a Graco car seat and my initial attraction was that it matches my car. Yup, I said it. Plus, I'm pretty stuck on their stuff and it hasn't let me down yet. The seat is kind's huge. But doesn't it look so comfy? I've read some reviews and the the only drawback people seem to have is the size. But they all say their kids seem happy and comfortable in it. So we shall see. I think I'm going to start my Car Seat Quest this weekend.

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