Saturday, May 14, 2011

Snow Sculptures

Well, we have officially hit the time of the year where I begin to regret moving south. I have no one to blame but myself. I literally faint when if I get too hot (though that hasn't happened in a few years). The instant I left the house today I felt like I hadn't showered. Which sort of made me angry that I even bothered (to shower, that is...not leave the house). Days like today make me think of winter. And then I came across these pictures. I don't remember much about it but way back when the people of Potsdam, NY used to do snow sculptures in their front yards. I'm not talking snowmen here. They went all out. I wish we had more pictures because these are really just a tease compared to what they did. I think it was a contest, but I'm not sure. I don't know if they stopped doing it or we just stopped going but I remember it was something I looked forward to.

A snowy circus

Ok, I know I'm just an innocent kid putting my arms around the
leg of that "guy"...but please look where my hand is. Hahaha!

I probably should have put this picture second because
it's another view of the circus scene

Either it was a little warm that day or Shauna tore up that little
snow person. I'm guessing she wrecked it. She looks guilty.

Crazy, huh?
Somewhere I remember seeing a picture of one sculpture that was either Garfield or Odie and beneath it was Odie's bowl. One of us (or both of us?) was in the bowl and you could tell how huge the thing was. And I think one year the house that had the circus out front in these pictures did The Wizard of Oz and they had music from the movie playing. You can see why it was something we looked forward to. For as cold as it gets there in winter, we always had so much fun :)

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  1. the frats used to do it as a contest locally. There was an article in the paper this year talking about how the community missed it and included a bunch of pictures from the past. I remember this too, and it was awesome.
    Now, instead of doing something constructive for the community, frats just specialize in sexual assault and underage drinking. Oh and Drug use and trade!! HA HA HA, it is AWESOME I assure you.


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