Friday, May 27, 2011

Nine Months

Yesterday Grant turned nine months old! It doesn't seem possible. This post is going to be lacking in the picture department. Grant moves so much lately that it's next to impossible to get some good pictures of him. Lately I've been trying to take him outside for pictures because he's still not entirely sure what to do when we put him on the ground. He looks all over but doesn't try to crawl away...most of the time. And he loves the way the grass feels on his feet. It's so adorable watch him kick his feet on the ground and then look puzzled when the grass tickles him.

Nine months old!
We know that Grant weighs 18 pounds 4 ounces (at least with clothes on) because of a second trip to the pediatrician for an ear infection. I'm not sure yet how tall he is but we'll know after his 9 month check-up on June 9th. I can't wait to see how much he's grown, it seems like he's getting so big. And all legs!

Grant is crawling everywhere and he's sooo quick. He's also much steadier now when he's upright. It looks like he's making moves towards walking too! When he pulls up on things (especially the couch, coffee table, or bathtub) he walks along the side of it using his hands to steady himself. But he's definitely not pulling himself along, he's walking when he does it. Or he'll have his hands on something (or someone) and turn to reach for something just out of his reach. You can tell he wants to get there without crawling but just can't figure it out. It's so crazy to watch because it's hard to believe he's big enough for that! He'll also stand, unassisted, for a few seconds and then he falls on his little bum.

Finger foods are going MUCH better. He actually put them in his mouth himself. He still makes a face when it goes in but he does eat it and reach for more. I tried some cut up bananas with him this week and that was a no-go. Pretty much all he did was pick it up, smoosh it in his hand and then rub it on his face. When I tried to put a piece in his mouth he clamped his lips together and turned his face away. Picky! I can't blame him...I'm not big on the texture of bananas. But we will keep trying!

Some more pictures from Grant's nine month "birthday" (I have the hardest time trying to get him to look at me! He's my curious Peanut):

So random but there was also a bunny out there while we were trying to take our pictures.

So the last thing I'll leave you with is a video :) We have what I have been told is called a "sunken living room". Which worked out well because it sort of acted as a built in baby gate. But he soon learned how to get up the step and showed off his skill at every opportunity. When the time came to get down...he ended up face down on the carpet crying. But now...he's sort of got the hang of it and it's pretty funny to watch!

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