Sunday, May 8, 2011

First "Self Feeding"

Do all mothers assume that their child will be quick learners? I know I do, I admit it. I figured I would put the little cereal puffs in front of Grant and he would know to pick them up and put them in his mouth. Well, last weekend we tried it. The had doctor said we shouldn't help him. "He has to do it on his own. That's why it's called self feeding". Umm...yeah. He doesn't like self feeding. All he did was push the little bits around on the tray until I decided to put one in his mouth. I learned that he will open his mouth for me to put anything in there. He totally trusts me to put something yummy in his mouth. He was sorely disappointed. He gagged immediately. And then spit it out. At that point it was mushy like his normal food so I shoved it back in there. More gagging. Then a total melt down. Good times.

Checking things out

Just what do you expect me to do with those?

In it goes (I put it there)
Oh yuck Mama

Melt down.
 It is obviously a texture thing. And it has gone pretty much exactly like this every time I've tried to give them to him. I tried other flavors. I tried those freeze dried yogurt thingies. I know it's only been a week and he's got to figure it out eventually. I didn't think he'd figure out the sippy cup and he's doing great with that. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

P.S. They crunchy cereal thingies and the freeze dried yogurt thingies are pretty yummy.

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