Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two Firsts In One Day

Really, only one counts as a "first". And, of course, it's the one I don't have a picture of. So we'll start with the one that sort of doesn't count. Yesterday, Grant and I did a little grocery shopping. Very little because we were at Wal-mart (it was nearby) and as soon as we walked in I wanted to leave. But anyway, I decided Grant was big enough to sit in the cart like a big boy. That way I didn't have to lug that baby carrier in there. He loved it! He just sat there staring at everything - and all the people. I mean, it's Wal-mart...lots to stare at (and watch out for).

Starting at the deli counter lady

How you doin'?

So after we left the nightmare known as Wal-mart we headed home. Husband was having a friend help deliver our new riding lawn mower so Grant and I checked it out. We found out that the brand new mower was having some issues and needed to be returned. So as Husband and his friend were leaving, the friend waved by to Grant and guess what?? HE WAVED BYE-BYE! First time! I got a little emotional about it. It was clearly a bye-bye wave. And of course, we haven't been able to get him to do it since.

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