Monday, May 9, 2011

Just A Walk In The Park

My sister, Shauna, came for a visit to spend my first Mother's Day with me so I have lots to post about...just not a lot of time to do it. I do plan to do one about my Mother's Day I just haven't had time to get the pictures off the camera yet.

On Friday Shauna, Grant, and I decided to go for a walk at White Deer Park in Garner. I love taking Grant for walks there. And it connects to Lake Benson Park so we can take a longer walk when we have time. We didn't have time Friday so we just did White Deer Park.

It was a really nice walk and it had just rained so the park was desserted. Which means the two playgrounds were desserted. And since we are both over grown children we took advantage.

Grant at the "rustic" playground (that's what I call it)

Grant and Auntie Shauna
It looks like he's kissing her cheek, huh? He's trying to bite her face.
"Oh Tar! Can I take him down the slide?? Please?"

"Ok ready? Try to get a picture of him in the air!" It didn't work.

The "rustic" playground also has two teeter totters that are made of logs. One is pretty big and has quite a crazy angle. I had to sit on one end and it's so tall that my sis had to McGuyver shimmy up to the other side. When we were teetering it sort of felt like we were going to be shot up to space. So much fun! We were laughing so hard that we made Grant laugh (after he wiped that "OMG they're so retarded" look off his face while watching us try to get on it). There is also a more modern playground on the other side of the park. The teeter totter there is suspended from stretchy cables and it too was empty of children. So we hit that one before we left. I had been wanting to go on that one since the first time I brought Grant and husband won't play on the playgrounds with me. We had lots of fun!

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