Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Bath in the Big Tub

I'm so far behind with what I want to post. Oh well! A few weeks ago I decided it was time to lose the baby tub. Grant is so mobile now that that tiny tub doesn't contain him very well anyway. The pictures I'm posting below are from round two of the big tub bath. Round one went really well but he seemed slightly intimidated and therefore just sat there. I probably should have taken pictures no matter how little there was to capture but I didn't. Just add that to the growing list of why I'm not going to be nominated Mother of the Year. I'm not going to lose sleep over it. Anyway, upon being sat in the tub for a second time Grant seemed to imediately realize how much room (and water) he'd been alloted and had much more fun - which did up my anxiety level a little.

Oh can we play that game again? The one where I try to soak Mommy from head to toe?

Shampoo Mohawk!
Having much more room in the tub now was not lost on Grant. And no matter how many bath toys I put in there it's always the water scooper that he wants to play with. He'll chase it all over the tub and will put down anything he's holding to go after the blue water scooper.

I tried to make it PG-13...Husband is tired of naked baby butt pics.

And of course Grant has realized that he can pull up on the side of the tub. 
His favorite things to do are to either peek over the side of the tub at what
I might be hiding down there (shampoo & washcloth usually) or take the water scooper
and beat it on the edge of the tub to hear the noise. He gets so excited about it. 

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