Thursday, April 25, 2013

Grant's First Baseball Game

This past Saturday afternoon we made a last minute decision to get tickets to the Durham Bulls game that evening. It started at 5:00 and they were doing a double-header. We knew we wouldn't be able to stay for both games but it was just something different to do. So we went.

While waiting at will-call with roughly 1000 other people, Grant was not shy about letting us know he wanted to go home. I get the anxiety, it was a lot of people and he had never been there. So we get the tickets and get inside to find out seats...we made it there by the 3rd inning.

After finding our seats, Grant seemed a little more at ease but didn't want to sit in his seat. He only wanted Daddy.

We had good seats!
 So, initial anxiety aside, things went well...yes? NO. It was louder than we anticipated and we didn't bring the ear muff things that accompanied us to the hockey game and Monster Jam. So most of the game that we managed to sit through looked like this:

Pitiful, eh?
At one point the Bulls hit a home run. I thought that would be exciting for Grant because we were in a spot to see their Bull billboard thing that has smoke come out its nose and it's eyes light up red when they hit a home run.

 Wrong again, Mama. It does not matter how much excitement you inject into your voice when talking to your petrified toddler. Grant saw that Bull and started crying harder like it was about to charge us any second. We left after the 7th inning. 

We did manage to get Grant to eat a little something there which kept him calm for a bit. Much like me I guess you can distract him from unpleasant things with food. 

So we only managed 4 innings but we were ok with it. I guess you could call it a learning experience and did have some fun. When we got up from our seats (food & bathroom breaks) Grant did great because it was quieter. He even cheered when they got a run while we were standing in line.  We will likely try to take Grant to another one and remember to bring the ear muffs. I'm thinking things will be calmer that way.

Grant wanted to sit on the bull outside the stadium.
Plus I got to wear my Mom's Yankees shirt to a baseball game :)

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