Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter 2013

As usual, I'm late posting about a holiday. I almost scrapped it, but as a friend pointed's my blog and I'll blog when I want to :)

So, the Easter Bunny went a little overboard this year. The problem was that the Easter Bunny started early picking up little things here and there...and forgot how much she'd accumulated. Then the Easter Bunny's husband brought home stuff too. So the EB ended up leaving two baskets for Grant.

The basket on the left is his usual basket (one my mom had
sent me a few years ago) and the Lightning McQueen one
is new for our lover of all things Cars.
When Grant woke up Sunday morning he had completely forgotten about the Easter Bunny, which he'd been talkinga bout all week. So I had to direct his attention to the note taped to his bedroom door. You see, the Easter Bunny had left a note explaining to Grant that he's done so well with the potty that he left two baskets hidden in the house. It made me feel a little better about the overboardness. 

He found Lightning first and deposited him in the living room, telling him "I be right back Lightning" while he went off for his other basket. Which he found soon enough...the Easter Bunny was a little lazy with his her hiding spots.

El Toro Loco...lets just keep growing that truck collection

Lollipops - a favorite treat
A new big boy cup with Spongebob on it (from The Funky Dot)
Pretty jazzed about his new books.
 Grant was allowed one piece of candy pre-breakfast (he picked a little chocolate bunny) while I cooked and after that we headed over to my in-law's house for Easter lunch. Grant loves holidays because he gets to see everyone and play with them...which I love because that's what the holidays should be about.

How cute is that outfit?

The Easter Bunny stopped at Grandma's too!
His first poster for his room
I may have had some fun with the basket goodies
He definitely has fun at Grandma's
Grant's LOVES to play with Aunt Debbie!
Nothing quite like topping off a big meal
with a go on the trampolene...
It was a great day, as usual. Great company and yummy food - Grant even helped me with a couple of the dishes we brought!

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