Thursday, April 4, 2013

Everyone Poops...Except Grant

Last year while browsing books with a friend, we came across the book Everyone Poops. She went a little crazy when she found out that I'd never seen the book before. Honestly, I thought it was made-up. Turns out...not so much.

There's a whole lot of pooping going on in that book and I thought "No way I'd buy this". Now I'm thinking I might need it. Or maybe it won't help at all. I don't know. All I know is that potty training for peeing is going great. We've even had outings when Grant wears real underpants (or undiewears as he calls them). But does he poop in the potty? No. So he poops in his, right? No. He just doesn't poop. And that's creating a whole slew of issues that I won't get into (but they involve me shopping in an aisle of the pharmacy I didn't think I'd need until I was eligible for a senior discount). 

Just to get him to poop we've put on pull-ups (which are pretty much only used at night now) and told him to just go. He won't. I've bribed him (you can have two M&M's - our potty treat of choice, you can have a [temporary] tattoo, you can have a popsicle, you can eat a lollipop while you're on the potty, you can have my phone and watch a movie on the potty...ANYTHING) but nothings working. And, yes, he has even seen us go because we heard that helps. Again, nothing.

So that's how that is going. I've heard plenty of people say that #1 happens faster than #2 and I get that. It's all a new thing. But I didn't think he'd just hold it for days! 

FYI to anyone who feels compelled to tell me that they potty trained their kid in a few days, that they potty trained their kid young, that they just let day care (or care provider) do it, or that girls are just sooooooooooo much easier to train than boys...SHUT UP. Seriously, your condescending comments are not the least bit helpful. I am, however, entertaining helpful suggestions. Thanks in advance :)

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  1. HA! Love your stories, but I'm so sorry Grant's having "issues". Hope he feels better soon!


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