Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I won!

A lot of the blogs I follow hold giveaways that I always enter and never win. But guess what? I won one! Thanks to Two Peas & Their Pod I won $200 to spend at Albion Fit

You want to know what I picked?

They have some REALLY cute swim suits so I knew I had to get one of those. I decided on this one:
{click the picture to shop}
I had THE hardest time deciding. Ask anyone. I think I was pretty annoying about it. I even annoyed myself a little. They have an emerald green color in that suit that is gorgeous and after finally narrowing it down to that style...I agonized over the color for days. But I love love love the red.

I also spotted this cover-up that just looked so pretty and perfectly beachy (to me) and I decided I had to have that too.

{I couldn't get this picture to link. If you like it, go HERE}
They also have these long sleeved shirts that look so super comfy and...they have thumb holes. Don't ask me why I'm so intrigued by this but I am.  So I added that to my list.

{I couldn't get this picture to link. If you like it, go HERE}
So I'm actually getting two of those because they sort of look like I want to live in them. One in that pretty pink color and one in purple.

I debated on some exercise gear since I've actually been excercising BUT even though their yoga pants and running tops are cute (and probably quite comfy), I wanted other stuff. I'm so excited and I can't wait to get my stuff (which should be soon because I only ordered yesterday and it's already shipped)!

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  1. Uncle darky poops in my diapsApril 17, 2013 at 11:22 PM

    that's cool Tar! Winning stuff is awesome(I wouldn't know, ive never won stuff but free stuff!!!) Good for you!


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