Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Review

It was just a good weekend. It was the kind of weekend that when someone asks how my weekend was, I don't feel compelled to say it was too short. Because it was good and enjoyable and sunny and happy.

Cheesy, huh? I don't care. It was a good weekend and we've needed one of those lately.

I'm not a person to hate winter. Actually, I'm usually a summer-hater. But I didn't realize until this sunny, great weekend just how tired I was of cold weather. 

Saturday morning we had plans to meet Husband's family for breakfast. The promise of Gramma, Grandpa, Aunt Debbie, and pancakes on Saturday morning is the perfect start for Grant. We had to make a quick stop for some cake supplies I needed and Grant found some treasures of his own there:

Grave Digger and Lightning McQueen rings.
Then on to breakfast and some unsuccessful but not unenjoyable shopping (I did score some cheap ties for a sewing project I need to make time for).

After all that, we stopped off at Lake Wheeler Park to see some ducks, play on the playground and just walk around on a sunny day. 

Family picture!

Grant and I shared a snow cone! A yummy treat!

Checking out the boats and the ducks
We hadn't been out to Lake Wheeler in a while and I had no idea how nice it is out there. We're definitely doing a picnic there soon.

Since we had a late breakfast/early lunch we ate an early dinner and then had family movie night! Redbox was out of the good stuff so we watched Finding Nemo (which we already had but Grant hasn't watched). I made a big batch of popcorn on the stove and we lounged on the floor with just about every blanket and pillow we own. It was great :)

Sunday was kind of lazy. I cooked breakfast and we hung around the house so Grant could take a good nap (Saturday's nap was brief and in the car). Then Grant and I went shopping for some spring clothes and Husband ran some other errands. He surprised me with some new chairs for the deck and a little one for Grant we ate our dinner outside last night - something we've never done in all our years of having a deck. I really don't think we could have ended the weekend any better. 

I hope everyone's weekend was as good as ours!

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