Monday, April 29, 2013


On Friday, Grant participated in his first charity fundraiser thing. A trike-a-thon at his daycare to benefit the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Grant raised $200 for the trike-a-thon and then rode his little butt off on Friday. Husband and I took some time off work on Friday to go watch. It was one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Complete toddler chaos! It was a combination of the two's and three's rooms on tricycles, ride-on toys, bikes with training wheels and they even had a wagon that a teacher pulled a couple kids around in. Crashes, kids tipping over, trikes getting tangled. 

It was fun to see what all the kids were riding. There was a little boy on a Big Wheels trike, a little girl on a Hot Wheels 4-wheeler, a boy with a ride-on tractor complete with a trailer, some old school Radio Flyer trikes, but my favorite was the little girl riding the Harley themed trike. She seemed pretty proud of that thing. 

Getting ready to race (while the teacher chases him with the helmet)

He got started going the wrong way but he got turned around

Here we go!
Two-wheeled turn!


Pit stop!
I wish you could see the look on this little
girl's face. She was so annoyed!
So proud of himself!

Grant was so happy we came to see him at school!

I was so proud of my little guy! Their part of the trike-a-thon only lasted about 20 minutes or so and Grant did great. They all did great! The teachers did an amazing job keeping the kids where they were supposed to be and Husband jumped in when needed to untangle some kids, keep them going in the right direction, and pick up a little guy that went head first into the pavement off his bike (thankfully wearing a helmet). 

I'm so glad we got to go watch and Grant was so happy to have us there. He was very sad to see us go and cried when we had to leave. But after he got home that night he was obviously proud of himself when ever we talked the "race".


  1. I LOVE these pictures! Especially the two-wheeler one. Looks like Grant's Uncle Dykes getting sideways on the dirt track!

  2. This might be the cutest thing ever!


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