Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grant's First Hockey Game!

 On Christmas morning there was a surprising box under the tree. It was to me and Grant from Husband. He's never gotten us a joint gift before so it really got my curiosity up. It was kind of big but light so I had no idea. When we opened it, I saw it was something from Ticketmaster (Grant's attention immediately went back to toys). First thought was that it was Monster Jam tickets, it's coming back to Raleigh in March. BUT IT WAS HOCKEY TICKETS! If you're a hockey fan (or maybe even if you're not), you know there's been a lock out. But the Hurricanes minor league team, the Charlotte Checkers, were coming to Raleigh for one game. On a Sunday at 1:30...perfect for a toddler's first game.

All week we'd been talking it up. Then we'd ask Grant what we were doing that weekend and he'd say "Uuummm...hockey man game!" He was very excited. Fast forward to the day of. Husband and Grant got up before me and I was barely functional enough to make coffee when Husband said "Look at the news". And there it was - lock out over! Hockey is coming back! Yippee!

Not having had a nap all day, Grant passed out in the car on the way to PNC Arena. When we got him out of the car he wasn't awake enough to be excited, so Husband carried him.

Mini Caniac dressed for his first game :)
Clapping with the crowd as the Checkers take the ice.

We had great seats! 

Grant & Daddy (Grant's wearing earmuffs to
 dull the sound - hockey fans can get loud!)
Curious guy checking things out.

It's never complete without a fight.

 Grant was scared at first. It was loud and kinda crazy. But he got comfortable and even started bopping to the music they played. During the first intermission we grabbed a late lunch. Grant must have started to get hot because after he ate he wanted his jacket and hat off. With the hat, the earmuffs came off as well. That's when the Checkers scored and the place went nuts. Grant looked at Husband and told him "I need go outside". He was scared, poor guy. Husband took him out and I stayed behind to gather our stuff. Nate said that the whole way up the steps Grant was yelling "I be right back Mama! I coming back!"

We never went back in. We kept asking but he kept saying "No, it's loud and scary". So instead, we walked around and Grant talked Husband into every souvenir his little heart desired.

Grant & Daddy checking out a John Deere tractor...in their matching gear :)
So we only made it half way through, but it was fun all the same. We had to start somewhere, right? And maybe with the season starting back up we can give it another try soon. Even if we'd only stayed 20 minutes...it was nice to see hockey again :)

P.S. After we got home and Grant was playing with the hockey set that he so easily talked his Daddy into, he kept calling himself "Hockey man!" And consistently yelled "Go Checkers!" until he went to bed.

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