Thursday, January 31, 2013

Conversations With My Toddler

For Christmas, my friend Elizabeth got me this great book called "My Quotable Kid". It like a journal where I can write down all the crazy stuff Grant says. I absolutely LOVE the book and it's perfect because Grant keeps us in stitches with all the silliness that has been coming out of his mouth lately. A few of my favorite recent entries:

Last weekend Grant and I were going to run out to go shoe shopping because he needed some new sneakers. He was grabbing every toy in sight asking if he could bring it with us. I kept having to tell him no. Finally we managed to get out the door.
Grant: "We can't bring Daddy?"
Me: "No sweetie, Daddy is going to stay home and take a shower."
Grant: "He need take a shower?"

Me: "Yes, so he's going to stay home."
Grant: "And poop?"

This one happened in the living room this past week while Nate and Grant were playing hockey together. Husband was sniffling.
Grant (to Nate): "You have booger nose?"
Nate: "Yup. I have boogers in my nose."
Grant (sticking his finger out): "Let me pick it."
Husband tells him no which of course just makes Grant resort to cramming his finger into his own nose. 
Grant (triumphantly pulling his finger out of his nose): "Ah! I DID IT!"


And last but not least:
With the hockey season beginning there has been a lot of it on TV at home. Grant loooves to watch it and asks every night if there is a hockey game to watch. One night while eating a late-ish dinner we had a game on TV. When a fight started Grant was lifting himself out of his chair to see. "They fighting! They fighting!" he yelled excitedly.

Flash forward to after dinner when Grant and Husband are once again playing hockey in the living room. All of a sudden Grant throws down his stick and runs up to Husband with his fists ready. Bouncing up and down he yells: "Let's fight! Let's FIGHT!" I guess that's what we get for letting him watch hockey.

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