Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas 2012

You like reading my Christmas posts almost two weeks after the fact, right? It seems so last to post about it that I'd probably skip it altogether except that it was just so damn fun this year.

We really talked-up Santa this year...and Grant finally started telling us that he wanted Santa to bring him Thomas toys. He's very into Thomas the Train right now. At first when you asked what he wanted from Santa, he'd say "Uuummm...Grandma". But eventually he'd say, without thinking "Thomas toys". Santa did not disappoint. Santa and I made a pact that we would not go overboard and I'm very proud to say that not only did Santa and I do very well not going overboard...but we also managed to get all of Grant's Christmas presents without once having to step foot inside Toys R Us. There is nowhere worse during the Christmas season than Toys R Us - not even Walmart.

Anyway! On Christmas morning we always do stockings first, then presents, then breakfast.

Brodie waited very patiently for his stocking full of goodies.

He wasn't quite as ready as he thought to wake up.

Grant likes to help pass out the stuff.

Auntie Shauna helping Grant with his stocking.
Pretty excited about the ring pop. There were four in
there and Grant yelled "Another one!" every time.

Finally finished! Grant's is the biggest and, therefore, the
fullest stocking. However, I consider myself quite the stocking stufferer.

She really liked her scarf.

Sword fight with candy stuffed canes.
First present...

Monster trucks - who would have guessed?

He immediately asked to open them.

Fist one from Santa was a Percy toy that made Grant say
"Oh. my. gosh. It's Percy! He wuvs Thomas."
There were, of course, several other presents before "the big one". And Grant was excited about everything (except the clothes). I could bore you with no less than 100 pictures of paper-tearing fun but this post will be too long as it is. So we'll just skip to the big one.

It's a Thomas the train set. When he opened it, Grant yelled "IT'S THOMAS! Oh my gosh!"
Then he started frantically tearing the paper off.
Probably my favorite picture of the day was when he was playing in the little tent that my sister go him:

So then we ate a yummy breakfast that my sister cooked and headed to my mother-in-law's house. Again, I could post a ton of pictures so I just did a collage of some of my favorites.

And just in case we hadn't eaten enough...we had all this dessert:

And on the Friday after Christmas we went to my father-in-law's house to do Christmas and dinner with them:

Grant had such a great Christmas. I love Christmas anyway but watching Grant have so much fun and get so excited and so enjoy spending time with family made it 100% better than it's ever been. 

This has been a super long post so I'm going to cool it and stop for now. But I'm hoping to get a post up about the gingerbread house that Grant and I made together and also just some general pictures of Grant riding his crazy Christmas high.

I hope every one's Christmas was a merry as ours was!

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  1. What a wonderful post, great pictures, beautiful people! Thank you for taking the time to post. Love ya'll so much!


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