Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goals For The New Year

Happy New Year! 2013 already. Another year has flown by.

I started 2012 with lots of doctor's appointments and blood work but no real idea what was wrong with me. So I'm hoping 2013 brings better things and more happiness. But 2012 was not without it's merits. We had lots of fun as a family with vacations, day trips, playtime and...I'm pretty sure...we managed to have one full year without Grant being in the ER (hey, that's pretty huge in this house).

Goals for 2013:
  • Make friends with my new sewing machine:

I've already made this nifty hooded towel for Grant!
  • Cook more: The past few months of my schedule have made me very lazy in the kitchen (although I did try several new baking recipes for Christmas gifts). But I want to get back into cooking real meals for my family. Grant is getting more adventurous with his eating so I'm looking forward to all of us trying some new things!
  • Excersize more: I'm not going to be cliche and say "lose weight". Honestly, I'm not uncomfortable with my size & weight. But I hate how tired I am all the time. Part of it is my liver medicine and I can't change that. I think that getting some excersize will help though...so I'm going to try.
  • Take more pictures: I have an awesome camera that I need to get to know better but without doing the monthly posts of Grant, I do less "photo shoots" with him. Actually, I don't think I've done one since his two year post. Unless you count our super cute Christmas card picture(s).
The one on the card (Husband voted for Grant looking
at the camera. He rarely gives his opinion so I went with it.)

 My pick, but didn't make the cut.
  • Read more and play more: I have several new books lined up to read after I finish up the one I'm working on now. I need to turn off the TV (which is currently on while I write this) and read when I feel like relaxing - like during nap time - and get outside to play with Grant when we need some play time. Our whole family could use some time away from the TV, our phones, and these computers.
  • Potty train!: We've made a very good start with this! Grant has let us know that he's very ready.
  • More vacations and day trips: Last year we took two family vacations, just like I'd hoped we would. This year I'm hoping we can do that again and work in some more day trips. We had a great time at the beach with Grant so we need to do that more often. I'm already not looking forward to getting sand in places sand should never go...but I'm already looking forward to the look on Grant's face when he plays in the water. I'm hoping this year brings lots of fun :)

Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Years Grant! Thx for the stories!


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