Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Little Birdie's Visit

Two weekends ago while I was sitting at my kitchen table working (not on anything fun, actually working) I noticed a gorgeous red bird - assuming it was a cardinal, not sure what their winter habits are - in a tree behind our house. By the time I grabbed my camera, snapped on my zoomier lens, and made my way outside it was of course gone. But there were other birds out there so I ventured out in my yard.

All the other little birds pretty much blended in with the trees and I didn't get any good pictures of them, so I headed back to the house. When I got up on the deck I saw a little birdie sitting on our doormat that couldn't possibly have been there when I walked outside because I'm sure I would have stepped on it. Our guess is that it had a head-on collision with our door and was composing his/her little self before flying off to join it's friends. It let me get really close so I knew it wasn't right.

It didn't seem alarmed by me. I guess maybe it knew I wasn't going to hurt it, who knows. I didn't touch it...because there isn't enough soap and sanitizer in my house to make me think I wasn't going to get sick from it. But I did take pictures.

Then I propped open the door so Grant could see it. Again, no touching. I don't even let him touch petting zoo animals. But I thought he'd like to see the bird.

Grant said "Ooooh a birdie!" in this cute high pitched voice he's been using lately when he talks about baby animals. And he was really good about not trying to touch the bird when I'd told him not to. (And the bird didn't try to come in the house when the door was wide open even though Husband was super concerned that it would.)

After that I shut the doors and let him be. I checked back a little while later and he had made his - presumably safe - departure.

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