Tuesday, September 1, 2015

5 Year Photos

Over the weekend Grant and I went to a different park aaaallllll the way out in Wake Forest (E. Carroll Joyner Park) to do his 5 year photos. It was probably way too far to drive for an hour or so of picture-taking but I thought the buildings there looked pretty neat so we went. 

Grant is at an age where we kind of have to make a deal for cooperation where pictures are concerned. The last couple times it's been ice cream or a snow cone. Since Grant got cowboy boots for his birthday and he already had a cowboy hat...this time our deal was a snow cone AND he got to dress like a cowboy.

I am fully aware of the ridiculousness of these pictures. So aware. And of course, the ones of him in the cowboy outfit turned out the best because he was incredibly excited. 

He would have worn that outfit all day if I'd let him (it was like a million degrees, so...no).

He insisted on that shirt because "that is what cowboys wear".

The boots that he is so proud of.
He had too much fun wearing that outfit (and I have no doubt we'll be seeing more of it when the weather gets cooler). After I changed him into shorts...Grant's cooperation kind of went south. But I'm glad I got some fun pictures of this cowboy phase he seems to be going through (and a couple un-cowboy ones too).

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