Monday, November 5, 2012

My Little Trick-or-Treater

So Halloween was a big day. Grant had a party at school and they trick-or-treated around the other classrooms. Then he got to trick-or-treat around our neighborhood for the first time!

Ready to go with his little bag that
I've had for him since he was two months old.

He seemed content with staying home with our candy stash.

Why are we standing here with an empty bag?!
 Grant's Grandma came over to help us pass out candy so Husband and I could both go out trick-or-treating with Grant. Grandpa and Uncle Scotty tagged along to walk around the neighborhood with us.

 It was a bit difficult to coax Grant into walking to the first house. So Husband decided to carry him. But once there, he didn't want to walk up to their front door. I sort of figured that would happen. It's probably a little weird to have your parents tell you to knock on a stranger's door.

Telling Daddy he wants to go home.

Checking out the first house.

I think Husband knocked for Grant (I was behind them). And when the door opened, Husband told Grant to say trick-or-treat. I think he told him twice and I finally heard a tiny "Twik a teat". Husband told him to take a piece of candy but the boy who answered the door told him to take two. Grant said thank you (yay!) and when the door shut he pointed to another house with lights on "I need go dat way!" That was that. Every house got a trick-or-treat and a thank you. I was pretty excited about that.

We only went to five houses. Partly because Grant was chilly in his costume, but also because there was a disappointing amount of houses with lights on. I didn't realize how few of our neighbors participate in Halloween. And we only had two kids come to our house. That kind of made me sad.

Home with his loot.

When we got back, Grant got a surprise from Grandma & Grandap. A Halloween bucket loaded up with goodies!

A mix of candy & healthy stuff :)
He got to pick one treat to have before his bath. He picked a tootsie pop...this kid loves lollipops!

Even with the lack of trick-or-treaters at our door, we had a great Halloween. I know Grant did. And I'm so proud of him saying trick-or-treat and thank you to the people who gave him candy.  

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