Friday, November 29, 2013


A couple Saturdays ago, a gorgeous weekend day, was the perfect day for some fun you can only have in the fall. When I was a kid, my sister and I looooved to rake leaves so we could jump in them. So much fun! I knew Grant would love it and we just happened to have a ton of leaves around our yard.

So I grabbed a rake (next time I'll use work gloves too...a thought I had only after getting a giant blister on my hand) and got Grant's tractor too and we set to work on our "big" pile.

Helping me gather leaves
After we started I remembered how much raking sucks. But I kept going. Every time I added more leaves Grant would ask "Can I jump in it now?" I'd say no and we'd work on getting more leaves. We don't have nearly the amount of leaves that some people do so I was gathering from all over the yard. Usually if I had some leaves that I was raking toward the pile, Grant would run over and grab an armload then take off toward his tractor to fill his loader...scattering the leaves all over again. He was having a ball. Eventually we had a pile big enough for jumping.

Now it was time to jump...

When the pile would flatten out enough, we'd build it back up...then more running and jumping.

Before we went inside to get ready for a nap, we pretty much dismantled the pile. Ok, Grant did. I think that was just as much fun for him as the jumping was. He ran through them, ran around in a circle in them, and was super excited to watch them fall when I told him to take big handfuls and throw them in the air.

I think this might have been my favorite fall day ever with Grant. He had so much fun! Later on when I took him for a bike ride, he kept pointing to the remains of our pile and asking to do it again the next and talking about how much fun it was. There are some things you just have to do as a kid and jumping in a big pile of leaves on a fall day is one of them! 

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  1. Loved jumping in leaves when I was a child! Grant looks like he's having so much fun!!


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