Friday, November 1, 2013

High Five for Friday

It's November! Which means the state fair is over and my fall season can finally begin! Today I'm linking up with Lauren to share some of the good stuff from my week (and then end of my October).

1) The state fair does fireworks every night of the fair at 9:45, which is way later than Grant's bedtime. But as a treat on Saturday we met for dinner after my shift at the fair was over and then parked near the fairgrounds for Grant's first actual fireworks display. They were much closer than we thought they'd be but that wasn't a problem. Grant loved them! I'm so glad he's not scared of them (my sister was for she just hates clowns) because fireworks are great!
Waiting for the fireworks to start!
Open-mouthed amazement the whole time. Except for the
few minutes that he spent pointing out to us that the fireworks
didn't come from where we first told him to look. Smarty pants.
2) Even though I spent 6 days at the state fair for work, I couldn't let Grant miss it just because I was sick of it. So on Sunday, the last day, we took Grant to the fair. We ate, went on some rides (ok, I was the only one who rode with him), people watched, ate...the usual fair stuff. Grant had a great time and even rode one ride by himself! (That doesn't sound like a big deal but, to me, it is considering it's the fair.)
Riding all by himself!
His souvenir from the at first sight!
3) Monday I surprised Husband and Grant with some cupcakes after dinner from Sugarland in Cameron Village. They were so good!
I bet you'll never guess which one was for Grant. 
It's possible that I may have stuck his face in it...
4) I didn't have time to carve any of our pumpkins this year, which makes me sad (but I will definitely be harvesting their seeds for roasting - which makes me happy!). However, Grant and I made time to use this Mr. Potato Head Pirate kit that I bought after Halloween last year and have been saving! It wasn't nearly as easy as they lead you to believe, but we got it!

5) Halloween! I baked a Halloweeny cake for my coworkers and last night we took Grant trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. No hesitation this year! He loved every minute of it.
Cake for work - fun!
6) BONUS: Did I mention the state fair ended and my schedule is back to normal! Thank goodness it only comes once a year.

I hope you have a great weekend!

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