Thursday, October 31, 2013


At some point last month, I had an afternoon of just me and Grant. We plans to get a snow cone and then play some baseball at a park. In between those two we stopped at Party City so I could check out their costumes. Grant is loving many things right now but I think superheros have moved to the top of the list. He looked at their wall of costumes and said something like this: "I want to be Iron Man! No, I want to be, Iron Man. I want to be a pirate! No...I want to be Iron Man. Iron Man. I want to be Iron Man." Of course, he wanted the puffy one that looks like muscles (aka more expensive) so I humored him...thinking it would be too small. Wrong. Fit and he loved it...and it went home with us, but only after finding the matching gloves as well.

It was a smart decision. My work schedule got cuh-ra-zy after that weekend and I was glad we went shopping at a time when the selection was good. Also, Husband loved it. I think he may have even called it "bad ass". And of course, Grant loved it. He couldn't wait to try it on for Daddy and informed us that "I'm not gonna take this off. Not ever." He's asked often if he can wear it "just for a minute" or show people when they come over or sometimes just asks to wear the gloves. It's the little things, right? 

Trick or Treat!
I took some pictures of him a while back so we could sent out some Halloween cards to family. Grant was only too happy to oblige. He loves to stick out his hands and make a noise like Iron Man shooting something or, as he likes to call it, "getting power". 

This is his "Tony Stark" I couldn't
resist adding a goatee :)

I couldn't resist playing with this one either.
When I showed Grant he gasped, looked at his hands,
and said "Oh my gosh, I have power in my hands! But I can't
fly because I don't have power in my feet."
So today is the big day! He gets to wear his costume at school for their Halloween celebration and then trick-or-treating tonight. He's so excited! I'm glad the costume is a little big so he can play with it after we're done with it tonight. Now I just need to keep him from saying "Trick or Treat! Smell my feet!" when we tour the neighborhood tonight...

You know you want to give that face some candy.


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