Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Hunting

Where has October gone?! I wonder that every year because I don't really get an October. I had mentioned that two weekends ago, while I was working at the State Fair, Husband had to take Grant to urgent care...for pneumonia, as it turns out. Well, medicine (and rest) is a beautiful thing! The very next day, Grant was able to go to a pumpkin patch down the road for a little pumpkin hunting.

Just about every weekend in October, a local farm has been doing a "pick your own pumpkin" thing where they pretty much turn you loose in their field. Porter Farms has a couple locations and one happens to be about 10 minutes away. We've never actually taken Grant to a pumpkin patch...typically I pick our pumpkins up at the grocery store because that's what I have time this was a first for him! The whole way there he was all "We're gonna get a big BIG pumpkin! Except me. I need a little one 'cause I'm little. You don't need a little one. But I do." Conveniently, pretty much everything they had was enormous.

He couldn't wait to take off in that field!

"I'm gonna find my pumpkin."
Grant went through several that he "needed to take home". Though none of them actually ended up in the truck.

Burning off some energy! You'd never know he was sick.
After getting him to pose on some of the bigger pumpkins, he was obsessed with climbing on them. He ran through the field then catapult himself onto a huge pumpkin. He had a blast that day. I don't think he would have cared if we didn't even get a pumpkin.

"I'm gonna get it.'s too big."
We ended up picking one that was pretty huge. Big enough that Husband had to go get the pumpkin people to pick it up in their truck for us. I think I may have been more excited than Grant. I've never gotten a pumpkin this big before!

Heading up to get the pumpkin picker while I marked our territory :)
Grant with our pick of the pumpkins!

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