Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Conversations With My Toddler

We had salad with our dinner a couple times last week and I finely shredded the carrots that I put in there (bad decision - that has nothing to do with this but they just weren't as good like that). So Grant says:

Grant: Are there carrots in here?
Me: Yes, little ones. I made them too small this time.
Grant: Big carrots are for bunnies. We feed them big carrots. (There is a bunny at his school)
Grant likes to watch me cook (and he helps when he can). Saturday he was watching me cook breakfast.

Grant: Oh you have cheese! Can I have a piece of cheese?
Me: You're going to have cheese on your eggs.
Grant: Can I have a piece...not on my eggs?
This summer when we went to NY to visit my family, my Aunt Bonnie gave Grant a fish stuffed animal. He's pretty strict about the animals he sleeps with but saw his fish the other night and wanted it.

Grant: What's his name?
Me: I don't know. I guess we haven't given him one yet.
Grant: You name him.
Me: Why don't you name him? He's your fish.
Grant: No...ok. His name is...it's...he's Driver Spice.
*pause for confused look on my face*
Me: Why...is his name Driver Spice?
Grant: Well, because...because...hm. It just is.
This is less conversation, more just funny. We were playing soccer in the living room Sunday but before we could play, Grant had to line up his softballs, baseballs, and basketball...not sure why. Husband asked what he was doing (since we weren't using those).
Grant said: "These are my balls."
*pause for immature giggling*
So the soccer begins and a wonky kick from me messes up the line of balls.
Grant yells: "OH MY BALLS! I gotta put my balls together!"
*more giggling*
More soccer. Then the balls get messed up again.
Grant yells: "OH MY BALLS! They're hurt!"
At that point, I decided to put away everything but the soccer ball. Otherwise I might never have stopped laughing.

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  1. Oh,mercy me! That's all I'm saying.


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