Friday, October 18, 2013

3 Year Photos...Again

A few weeks ago before we went on vacation, I decided to try to take some more 3 year pictures of Grant. I did some in his birthday shirt right before he turned 3 but I wanted more in some of his cute and under-used outfits. He was super cooperative, even with outfit changes (probably because he knew we were playground bound when it was over) and I think I managed some good pictures of him.

We went to down town Clayton and I was planning to make use of their train tracks so I first put Grant in overalls (little boys in overalls are so cute!). But before we even got out of the car a train came through...which excited Grant but then he wouldn't get near the tracks. Can't really blame him, eh? 

I tried not to tell him what to do. I just took
pictures while he fooled around :)

Then I changed him into his little gentleman's outfit. Its the outfit I bought him for my sister-in-law's wedding and he just didn't want to wear it that day. He was having too much fun that day to bother with a blazer. But I managed to keep it all on him this day and I love the way it looks on him. He didn't even seem to mind it too much.

He told me he wanted to sit down. I thought
he was tired so I said ok...then he posed :)

Can't you see the mischief in that face?
My favorite of the day!
We did one more outfit change. "Then we go to the playground?"  he asked me. And very cooperatively changed outfits when I said yes (and sweetened the deal with a lollipop).

I've said it before: photographer, I am not. But I'm a mom who likes to take good pictures of her I try. I had a lot of fun with him that day and lots of fun playing with the pictures. And he had a well deserved fun time at the park :)


  1. He's growing up way to quickly. Once again, you've taken some great pictures of the 'little' man. Thanks for sharing.


  2. He does so great with pictures!!


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