Tuesday, October 22, 2013

2013 Mountain Vacation

Just about 3 weeks ago we took another trip up to the mountains like last year. We stayed at the same resort, we're kind of in love with the place. We honestly could have stayed anywhere though. Summer was stressful with my stomach issues, then surgery, Grant being sick constantly (currently recovering from pneumonia)...we needed a vacation.

On the way up, we spontaneously decided to jump on the Blue Ridge Parkway randomly pulling over to admire the gorgeous scenery and take pictures.

The mountains are the best!
Our longest stop along the parkway was a Price Lake. It was so pretty there! We just got out and wandered for a bit. Grant had a great time throwing rocks in the water (he doesn't have fantastic aim and was forced to stop after beaning me in the head).

I'm pretty sure he could have done that for hours.
Mountain roads are curvy, yes? The Parkway is no exception. Husband seemed to find these curvy roads to be a dare of some sort. Not long before our destination, Grant started gagging and crying in the backseat. Husband's maneuvring of the mountain roads was not appreciated by all. Nonetheless, we made it. Without vomiting.

Our room looked similar to last year, though our view was better :)

We took Grant to the pool a couple nights after dinner but that was really the only amentity that we managed to take advantage of this time. There is never enough time when you're on vacation, huh?

Our first full day there, Grant wanted to "go see the bears at Grandfodder Mountain" [Grandfather Mountain], so I've got some pictures coming about that. And the only other thing we had planned was to go see Nate's aunt who lives a little ways away.

Nate and Grant took advantage of the pond area and how close we were to it taking a lot of little fishing trips.

Wainting patiently for Daddy to get his fishing pole ready

My fishermen
Excitement over their catch
We did some shopping and checked out local places for dinner and hung out a lot in our room just to relax. One of the things we rarely do on vacation is relax! And we visited Nate's aunt and Grant had so much fun playing with her!

Baseball in the backyard!

I was sick on vacation with some crud I'd had for weeks so our last two nights there I wasn't able to take Grant to the pool. I just didn't have it in me. However, the bath tub in our room was enourmous and Grant had quite a good time in there :)

It definitely seemed to go by too fast but we had a good time. We're already making plans to go back next year and visit one of their places at the beach!

Next up: Grandfather Mountain

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