Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pre-Christmas Celebrations

The Saturday before Christmas, we made plans with my sister-in-law and her husband to get together. On Friday (my last day of work until after Christmas - woohoo!), I got a text from my sister-in-law: "Ok so i know this is a big odd, but do you mind if I have a baby pig sidekick this weekend?" But see, it wasn't odd...because it was Hollie. She and her husband breed and sell pot belly pigs and the little guy was only two weeks old and bottle fed. So there was a pig at my house. I think pigs are cute...but I don't want one as a pet. If you want to have one, that's fine. But not me. But as far as guests so, this guy was fun to visit with.

Grant knew a pig was coming and there was no hiding the excitement.
Oh hey, tiny pig.
Grant, Pig...Pig, Grant.
I've always found pot belly pigs...well, ugly. So imagine my surprise when it looked like a normal pig (way to go Hollie!). He was a cute little guy and we all had fun playing with him. Grant conked out for a nap before the first feeding happened, so I got to do it.

Then it was sort of play time.
After Grant woke up from his nap and we told him the piggy had already been out to play...well, it was time to play again.

The pig would do a little hop when Grant tried to pet it,
which Grant seemed to find funny but made him a little nervous too.
Getting friendly!
Piggy kept rooting around Grant's feet which tickled
and made him laugh so hard.
It was time for another bottle! Grant was comfortable enough to give this feeding a try with some help.

Since the moment Hollie & Travis walked through the door with presents, Grant had been asking to open them. I guess I shouldn't admit that since it's incredibly rude...but I'm relatively sure that someone mentioned they were for him and he was really excited. So after a late lunch Grant got to open his presents from Aunt Hollie & Uncle Travis.

A dinosaur that makes noise, shoots guns, and walks?!
Jeez, it's like they looked into his soul.
Hollie & Travis got married on Hollie's Grandpa's farm (where they have their pigs and lots of other animals). On our way to their wedding we kept telling Grant about all the difference animals they have and he'd always chime in with "and big BIG DINOSAURS!" So they decided to get him a dinosaur for Christmas :) And boy did they pick a good one because he loves it! And we enjoyed spending the afternoon with them - and their piggy.

The next morning, Sunday, we met my father-in-law and his wife for lunch so we could do Christmas with them too! We had a yummy lunch at Cracker Barrel (which always means pancakes for Grant) then headed to our house for a bit so we could open presents by the tree.

Fun! A John Deer gator - with a plow!
Grant loves it when he gets to spend time with Grandpa!
It was a great weekend with family and a great start to the holiday!

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  1. Christmas is all about family! Looks like Grant had a great time and got lots of good toys.


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