Friday, December 20, 2013

High Five for Friday

Today I'm linking up with Lauren to share some of my favorite stuff from the past week.

1) One of my favorite things about Christmas is wrapping presents. I'm not being sarcastic, I love it. Fun paper, curling ribbon, bows, all of it. And last weekend, Grant helped me :)

2) I saw this sign stuck next to the mirror in our bathroom at work. With the constant never-thin-enough-I-must-look-perfect attitude so many people have, it was nice to see something like this.

3) Grant has always loved the Christmas tree but this year he is genuinely ecstatic about it (and all others and anything adorned with Christmas lights). He gasps every time I plug in our tree and every time it makes me smile.

4) I employ Grant's help in the kitchen whenever possible. One night this week we had little pizzas (made from pitas) & salad for dinner. Grant was only too happy to help me put the pizzas together. Helpful Tip: never leave an olive-loving little boy alone with a bowl of black olives unless you only want them to be on his pizza.

5) Santa visited Grant's school this week! Remember the first time Grant met Santa? If you don't, go HERE. Things have majorly improved.

6) A package arrived from my Aunt Bonnie yesterday containing Grant's Christmas presents from her and a gorgeous stocking that she cross stitched for him. It's sort of a family tradition. Aunt Bonnie has made one for all of us as kids and I love that she made one for Grant too.

Happy Friday and Merry Christmas!

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  1. I laughed out loud (at work!) when I looked at his first Santa picture! That stocking Aunt Bonnie made is absolutely beautiful!


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