Sunday, January 1, 2012

Santa Came to Town...

Actually, Santa came to day care. And I'll bet he was hiding a flask in that big red suit. Grant's last day of day care before Christmas was Thursday (I kept him home Friday so we could go pick up my sister from the airport and spend the day together). That day was "pajama day". Apparently they have Santa come to day care and they have the kids dress in their PJ's for pictures. I had wanted to take Grant to see Santa this year but with how crappy I felt from being sick I just never had the time. So I got over my jealousy that I wasn't going to be there the first time Grant saw Santa and hoped they'd send home a picture.

And they did.

And I laughed myself silly.

I've seen pictures over the last month of other people's kids with Santa and I got kind of sad knowing we wouldn't have a picture like that from this year. Then I saw the day care picture. I'm totally convinced that my liver attacked me so that I wouldn't take Grant to see Santa. He is that kid.

I was informed by Husband that "It's not funny. It looks like they tortured him!" But I thought it was hysterical. Poor Santa.

Maybe next year.

*Side Note: I want to point out that, although it doesn't seem like it here, I love that they do this stuff at day care. In addition to the above picture of my terrified child they also sent home several Christmas crafts that they helped Grant make for us. My favorite is a reindeer made from his hand prints and a footprint. So so cute. I feel like he's learning a lot from them and this new room that he's moved into is going to be even more fun for him.

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  1. Its true, I look at that and think 'poor santa' and 'poor daycare workers', not 'poor Grant'. LOL. Dunno why


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