Friday, January 20, 2012

The Pity Purse just gotta splurge. And the past few weeks, for me, have been littered with tiny pity parties for myself. Please know that I try very hard, no matter what I'm going through, to avoid pity parties. Especially because I'm not big on sharing my my pity parties end up putting me in kind of a dark place. Which makes me not so fun to be around. I try to be tolerable. I try to remind myself that even though I'm the sick one, that I have plenty of people that are going through this with me (and on the days when I'm not bitchy and feeling sorry for myself, I very much appreciate them). Last week, after my fake diagnosis but also after giving myself some time to process some of the information, I had a moment of complete weakness and I splurged on myself. I call it my Pity Purse.

For those that are near Raleigh, NC...have you ever been downtown to the purse shop Stitch? If you haven't been and you are a lover of bags...make a trip. My friend, Elizabeth, and I saw the space 3 years ago when we worked downtown together (possibly closer to 4 years). The shop was empty then and Elizabeth commented that I should open up a bakery there - which would be a great space for that as well, just not for me. And one day on one of our lunch outtings (Hey Elizabeth, I miss those by the way!) we saw what went into the space. And since that day I have been lusting after a Holly Aiken bag. And now, ladies and germs, guess what? I have one :)

Behold...The Pity Purse. Ain't it purdy?
I walked into the shop last week knowing the design I liked and wanted. But I didn't see the colors I wanted. So I asked. None were in stock but..."We can make one for you" said the girl in the cute outfit that looked like she's supposed to work in a shop like that. Make one for me? How long will it take? Right about two weeks. Ugh. Oh well, it's the one I wanted. So I ordered it. I didn't get the instant gratification that came with walking out of there with that great bag right then and there. But I left knowing that they were making a bag just for ME :) And did it take two weeks? NOPE! I got to pick it up yesterday! A whole week early. And It's perfect. I love it. Already. And I haven't even really used it yet. But I love it.

P.S. My very understandng Hubby didn't give me one ounce of grief over my indulgence. He can be pretty awesome that way.

(Even if you're not near the Raleigh, NC area you can still check out the Stitch/Holly Aiken website. Most of her stuff is available on her site. I love that she went to school here, set up shop here, and that all her bags are made here. She has some really great stuff and it's so unique. It's a great splurge on a local product if you feel the need to spoil someone or yourself - like I did.)

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  1. i miss those lunch outings too!!! but i am glad for our date nights :) love your bag. now, i just need to go get a different but equal one, so we can share.

    happy friday friend!


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