Monday, January 30, 2012

First Trip to a Bookstore

In my 17 month post I talked about all the stuff Grant is saying these days. Trucks being the biggest topic of our toddler conversations. Since we had no plans yesterdays I decided to take Grant and wander around some craft stores and then I figured we'd stop at Barnes & Noble to find some truck books since Grant didn't have any books yet about trucks.

I love love love to read. And even though I have a Kindle now, I still love going to bookstores. When Grant was just a teeny tiny guy I started reading to him before bed and now, it seems, I've got a little book lover. So I knew he'd love Barnes & Noble. When we got back to the kids section, I started hunting for one book in particular: Richard Scarry's CARS and TRUCKS and THINGS THAT GO. My sister and I used to love the Richard Scarry books when we were kids and I've been  waiting to get them for Grant until he was old enough for books that are so busy. As soon as I showed him that book - in the very busy but very quiet kids section - he went "OOOOOOHH!! Truck!!" I couldn't help but laugh at him. He was so excited. So we got that one. And we also got a little story book (I don't really consider the Richard Scarry one a "story book") called Little Blue Truck. That's one of the ones we read before bed last night and it was a really cute story. But I think the Richard Scarry one is definitely his favorite right now:

Ooooh truck!

I had to limit myself because it would have been really easy to buy every book that Grant would have liked. BUT, I did make some mental notes and get some ideas for his Easter basket and it's always good (for me, at least) to be planning ahead!


  1. thanks for sharing the video. i mean, you have tried to mimic his "oh, truck!" before, but lets face it, its cuter when he does it.

  2. I say to AJ, "Ok, none of that is English..." right before he bursts out with "oh truck" So cute!


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