Friday, January 13, 2012

My Son the Chew Toy

All parents hear at some point about the biting stage that toddlers go through. I get it, it's how they get their point across to each other. And I've seen my child be bossy enough times to expect that behavior from him. And I've been given some advice on how to deal with your own child biting you (and it sounds like it works).

Grant has been bitten at day care. First, in his old room, the waddler room. Nate came home with "I had to sign an accident report. Some kid bit him today." He seemed a little upset about it. I told him it's going to happen. And I'm glad I took that attitude about it because it turns out that it was Grant's fault. He was sticking his whole hand in the kids mouth! Talk about asking for it. Now, in the toddler room, he's been bitten four more times in the past two weeks. And the marks left behind are getting worse.

This one happened Wednesday. I didn't take a picture of the one
on his back from the day before.

Dont' get me wrong. I'm still of the mindset that this will happen. But I'm gonna need Grant to start biting back. Wednesday morning before school (we call daycare school) I heard Nate telling Grant "Don't get into any fights today over toys. If another kid wants the toy you have just give it to them, don't get bit today." WHAT? No sir, not cool. I said "Don't tell him that! [Hello, like he understands either one of us] We can't teach him to just roll over and get picked on! Grant, if someone wants your toy and bites you then you do this." And I grabbed his arm and bit him lightly. It must have tickled because he laughed. And then Husband kind of agreed and told him he should also kick them in the diaper. Clearly, no lesson was learned because he was bitten again that day. So he got the same lesson yesterday morning and there were no biting occurrences.

Again, I'm not upset that it's being done to him. It happens and I know that. But c'mon, Grant! Stick up for yourself! I thought for sure he'd have caused a problem by now! (He can be kind of a bossy pants sometimes.)

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  1. God Almighty! What kind of kids is he playing with??? Anytime you need Grandma to go get Grant from daycare, you just let me know! One of them may go home looking like he/she has lipstick on the side of his/her face!


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