Tuesday, January 3, 2012

16 Months

Morning snack and cartoons while Mama and Daddy
get ready for work.
I know what you're thinking. Is that really the best picture she could post? The answer is: Yes. Yes it is. It seems as if the only time this child is still is when he's sleeping. I have tried a couple times since he "turned 16 months" to take pictures of him. I may still manage a good one or two to post at a later date but what you see is what you get. If you want a better one check out the one I posted on Christmas Day.

It's funny how a month changes things. My last update said he was doing some talking. He still gabs all the time like he did when I posted that but we're getting more real words out of him now. Just the other morning he told me "thank you" when I gave him his breakfast and even shouted "nana!" and pointed when he saw me cutting his banana. He says "ball" now and says "hey" and "hi" quite often (he loves to greet people in the grocery store) and even says "bye" sometimes. Recently we've noticed that it seems like he's trying to say "big truck" and will point to a truck when he's trying to say it. He's been gabbing so much for the past few months that we've said several times that when he starts using more real words he'll probably never shut up. 

He still loves his books and any toys that he can stack and is really into music. He loooves to dance (and by "dance" I mean sway back and forth when he hears a song). Its so funny to see him run around like crazy and then stop to dance. And he'll generally clap when the song is over.

We've been noticing that Grant lets us know when he's has poopy pants. Ok, so sometimes it's fairly obvious with the grunting. But sometimes...not so much so we ask him and he'll point down toward his diaper. And it's also pretty obvious that he knows what the toilet is for. So probably in the next month or so when our schedules all get back to normal we're going to start getting him used to the potty. Not really hardcore potty training but just to see how he does with it and if he's really ready.

Grant has been forward facing in the car for about a month now and seems pretty happy with it. I know we are. Besides it just being more convenient, it's so nice to be able to glance back and see what's going on. And Grant seems to enjoy it more too, I think it's easier for him to look out the window with the new angle of the seat (and I think he likes that he can see us too).

I think that about wraps it up. He seems to be doing everything he's supposed to be doing - as well as plenty of things he's not supposed to be doing.

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  1. Such a cute little man! Time has flown by way too fast!! Not babies long. Ya'll are doing such a good job with him. We're so proud of you!
    Thanks so much for sharing his 'milestones' with us. Love you all,


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