Friday, January 6, 2012

Goals for the New Year

Last year's post about the new year seems like much longer than a year ago. I did ok with some of my goals, others changed as the year went by. One was to become a "stay-at-home" mom for Grant but that's been put on hold. We've gotten into a routine with work and day care and we've realized that it works for us right now. If we ever have another child (Husband says never but I keep telling him that we probably need one more) then I'm sure we'll re-evaluate the situation, but for now things are good the way they are. That was really the biggest one.

I had also challenged myself to try new recipes. And I did pretty well with that one. I didn't always post about them - and they didn't always turn out great - but I enjoyed trying new recipes and I need to keep it up because lately I've gotten rather lazy in the kitchen.

My goals for 2012:
  • If there is anything I've learned in the past few years it's that life is short. Too short to take everything seriously. And way too short to be an "all work and no play" sort of person. So this year I'm going to have more fun and I'm going to force Husband (who can be very "all work and no play") to have fun with me.
  • I'd like to take at least two vacations this year. Even if one ends up having to be a long weekend. We need to take a trip up to NY to visit my family. And I'd like us to have at least a long weekend in the mountains or even the beach.
  • I will excersize more. Not really to lose weight, but just because I feel better when I do it. Even if it's just getting outside with the stroller for walks. I need to do more of it.
  • Keep up my recipe challenge. My search for new recipes was a little frustrating at times but I enjoyed getting out of my recipe rut. And I like that Husband was very honest when trying my new stuff.
  • My frivolous goal: to either buy and learn to use a sewing machine OR get myself a new camera. Maybe I'll even be crazy and do both. They're both fun and neither one is necessary but I really want them.
Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. i hope you get that camera so you can capture the forcing of husband to have fun with you.

    BUT i kinda would rather you save up for a sewing machine instead. that way we can learn together. plus, if you get a new awesome camera, then you may think you dont need me anymore :(


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