Thursday, December 29, 2011

Movin' On Up!

* I promise to post about Christmas soon *

It's official. Our big guy graduated from the Waddler Room at day care yesterday. It was his first official day in the Toddler Room!

Yay Grant!
 We've been wondering when it was going to happen because the people at day care have mentioned the move several times over the past couple of months. In the last two weeks or so Grant has been spending time in the Toddler Room so they could see how he does with the older kids and all reports have been positive.

I went to pick up Grant yesterday - not knowing of the move - and when I peeked in the Waddler Room to look for Grant two people at the same time said "Oh, he's been moved! Grant and all his things are in the Toddler Room!". I got to meet the teachers, who were very sweet, and heard about the activities that they do. It sounds like Grant did great yesterday and that he'll love all the new stuff he'll be doing. Apparently his first day in the Toddler Room was somewhat exhausting.

P.S. He woke up from this "nap" in an extremely bad mood that was made
even worse when we refused to give him a pacifier. Life is so rough.

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  1. He does not look like a 16-month old! He is getting so growny.


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