Thursday, July 24, 2014

Marvel Universe Live

I first heard about the Marvel Universe Live show coming to Raleigh through a Groupon offer. Husband and I debated on it and eventually decided on not going. We do a lot with Grant throughout the year and, not knowing exactly what to expect, this would be an expensive event to have to leave if Grant got scared. But on Friday, the day of the event, Husband got free tickets from a co-worker (Thanks Rocco!!) and that's pretty hard to pass up. 

When Husband got home from work (I had told Grant there was a surprise for him), he told Grant what we were doing. Grant started laughing - he has this funny crazy laugh he does when he gets excited. He asked if it would be loud and would we bring his "ear things" and we said of course. I know he was excited but I could tell he was nervous too (Monster Jam - with ear protection- is no problem for this kid but other events just seem to freak him out).

I tried to take a picture of the two of us before we left (him
in his Iron Man shirt and me with my Avengers scarf) but
he couldn't stop being Iron Man long enough.
Nervous and excited :)
Intro to the show
So the show starts with a kind of explosion and then Thor appears. It was unexpected and even made me jump. 

Well, that pretty much started the waterworks with the little mister. He was ready to go, even with the ear protectors. We sort of baby him about that stuff but we had just gotten there so I said no.

Introducing the characters
Wolverine & Iron Man argument
We made it to intermission, Grant insisting we go home. I still said no. After potty breaks, Husband asks if we can go downstairs - toward the souvenirs. He asked Grant if a sword to protect him would make him feel better (Daddy is a sucker!). Of course, with pitiful tears glistening in his big green eyes, Grant nods yes and in 10 minutes is holding his new sword.

We went back in for the rest of the show and I'll bet you won't be surprised to find out that not another tear was shed (even with the explosions and gunshots).

At the end when the good guys were winning, Grant kept
holding up his sword and we kept having tell him to stop.
I was sure he'd nail the lady behind him!
"Curtain call"

It was a pretty good show. Definitely kid oriented. And once Grant kind of got over his fear, he really enjoyed the show. He talked about it the whole way home and at 6:05 the next morning (after going to bed almost 2 hours later than normal) he was climbing in our bed asking "Can I play with my sword?"

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  1. I thought it was a pretty good show! Aydan loved it and on the way home kept saying "Iron Man was talking to me."


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