Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fall Fun - Leaves!


And with the Fair finally over I feel like I can really enjoy it. After our Fair outing on Saturday, I was ready for some relaxing on Sunday. But it was such a pretty day! And there were leaves. Grant has been waiting for the leaves to fall, talking about a leaf pile, for months. And his little face lit up when I suggested we make one Sunday (side note: Sunday felt, to this Yankee, like it was a million degrees outside but it still looked like fall so I was happy-ish).

We got out Grant's tractor with its new wagon and I dug out the rake and we went to work.

Eventually he decided to remove the wagon and
use it like a wheelbarrow.
It was very effective.
It's still early enough in the fall and we don't have a ton of leafy trees around that our leaf supply was slim. I was raking leaves from all over the yard and getting quite a work out! (AND I remembered work gloves this year - no blisters!) Every time we would add the tiniest bit of leaves Grant wanted to know "Is it time to jump now?!" When it was ready, it was smaller than I'd thought it would be but Grant didn't care. He was ready to GO!

Over the years, Husband has gotten me some pretty great gifts. A while back I probably would have told you my favorite (and possibly most-used) was my Kitchenaid mixer. But the camera that he surprised me with a couple years ago is most definitely my favorite now. I love it and I had SO much fun taking pictures of Grant with this leaf pile!

I love this happy boy :)

Our already-not-huge leaf pile diminished rather quickly with all the jumping, as you can see from the above picture. Even though I kept piling it up, at some point I had to ask Grant not to jump so hard in it because I was worried about how hard he was hitting the ground! He didn't care when he couldn't jump anymore. Because he could still Hulk Smash the leaves...

One of my favorites of the day! He's the best.

And you can always just throw them...

What a fun morning! The lawn was mowed the same day so our leaf pile is long gone but I'm sure it won't be too long before we have enough leaves to do it again. And I think I can handle it again now that my muscles have sufficiently recuperated from the raking workout!

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