Friday, July 17, 2015

High Five for Friday

Hello! I'm linking up with Jennie today to share some fun stuff from the past week.

1) On Saturday, Grant started swimming lessons! He was really excited about and is even more excited to go back tomorrow. He's definitely the least experienced of his group but I think he'll get the hang of it. He didn't want to go under water at all and by the end of the first session they had him sticking his head under!

2) Also on Saturday, I got to make an elephant themed baby shower cake! It was a for a good friend's brother and his wife. I've been able to make all the baby shower cakes for their family :)

When I saw this fabric, I had to make them a blanket too!
3) Grant loves to demonstrate his "ninja moves" for us. 

4) Isn't kids artwork the best?? This elephant made my day!

5) One of Grant's favorite teachers turns 21 today, so we made her a cake to help her celebrate! ("We" meaning Grant helped me add a couple things to the batter and then told everyone at school that he made the cake.)

Happy Friday everyone!
Have a great weekend!
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