Friday, November 25, 2011

The Beginning of Christmas

Today, with Thanksgiving behind us, my Christmas season begins. I don't get why Thanksgiving is getting shoved aside to make the Christmas season come earlier. I try to avoid Black Friday every year because people are generally rude in stores to begin with but they are worse during the holidays and, in my opinion, there are no sales worth dealing with those crowds. But I'm disgusted with the people that would skip Thanksgiving dinner with their families altogether to sit in a lawn chair outside Wal-mart so they can be one of the first ones sprinting toward the toy section to wrestle over sales. And it just seems to get worse every year. Thanksgiving is becoming less of a day about enjoying the company of your family and becoming more the day before Black Friday. I, for one, would rather pay full price than deal with those crowds and lines.

I loathe Christmas shopping. Because the same thing happens every year, every time. Every. Single. Time. I know what I'm going to get people (I generally even keep a list) and I head into a store for any given item on my list. I'm happy, upbeat, excited about seeing whoever the gift is for open their present on Christmas morning and then it happens. I get railroaded with the unhappy shoppers and rude people running into you without an "excuse me" or the person at the cash register that wants to complain about their day and how many hours are left in their shift and all my Christmas spirit is depleted for the rest of the day. When did that become the holiday norm?

BUT as much as I hate shopping for the items, I LOVE giving them (and wrapping them!). My mom had a knack for getting us things that we didn't ask for but they always perfect. And I love to try to do that too. And this year...I've started early! I've already gotten some Christmas shopping crossed off my list because I'm determined not to let the crowds get to me. I want to spend the holiday season being happy, decorating, playing with Grant, and doing some yummy holiday baking. The only problem with starting the shopping early is that I have to wait that much longer to give them. 
 So who out there has already started their shopping? And what is everyone asking for?

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  1. Dana: HancockHeir:

    i'm pretty much done with Christmas shopping! I have one person left and I already know what I'm getting them - just have to buy it :)

    I am not sure what I big thing I guess just a few small things, a necklace, male up palette....


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